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Chromebook Handbook (Personalized Learning Initiative) 2018-2019: Home

A handbook to assist students and parents in our rollout of 1:1 Chromebook implementation. Portions were adapted, with permission, from Mauldin High School.

Overview and Goals


Ralph Chandler Middle School 

Personalized Learning Policy, Procedures, and Information Handbook

About the Ralph Chandler Personalized Learning Program

The policies, procedures, and information contained in this guide apply to all Chromebooks used at Ralph Chandler Middle School as well as any other device which the Ralph Chandler administration determines falls under the umbrella of these policies and procedures. Because this is a transitional program in the district, the RCMS administration and Greenville County Schools reserve the right to alter, edit, and update this policy throughout the year. Students and parents will be notified of these changes and updates as they occur.


Ralph Chandler Middle School is pleased to be able to provide a personal device for every student to be used in the classroom and at home to enhance their educational experience. Greenville County teachers are preparing students for jobs and careers that will be heavily focused on using technology in order to effectively complete tasks. For students, the ability to use technology efficiently to get work done, to produce work creatively, and to communicate and collaborate effectively with others will be critical to success in the 21st century workplace. At all times, students must adhere to the Greenville County Schools Acceptable Use Policy, Student Behavior Code, and all Ralph Chandler Middle School policies, procedures, and expectations


It is the goal of Greenville County Schools to prepare students for the future. We must provide students with the tools necessary to adapt and change in a world that evolves rapidly. The personalized learning initiative will:

· Extend student learning beyond the walls of the classroom. 
· Prepare students to be safe, responsible, and innovative digital citizens.
· Engage students in real-world problems by collaborating with others in the classroom and across the world.
· Enable students to take responsibility for their own learning.
· Provide students with the tools to be successful in their future endeavors in higher education and/or careers.
· Provide equal access to technology and tools for every student in order to provide equal opportunities for all students. 

Introductory Video from Greenville County Schools